I'm an illustrator based in Long Island, NY. My business is called Drawn To Be Wild and was established in October 2005. I specialize in vector based artwork, and as you will see from the examples in my portfolio and the name implies, some of my stuff can be a little well, wild! My style is clean and mainly cartoony. I have however worked on many projects where a cartoon style wasn't quite right, and therefore I can deviate and work in a more serious style if required. I love what I do! I'm passionate about getting a design 'just right' and I am a bit of a self confessed vector fanatic. I deal with big business and small business; clients who deal with designers daily and clients who are not even sure what an illustrator is. Ready to get wild? With some artwork that is! Well, give me a call to get your creative project's motor running!

Please email Joe Peragino or call (1.516.946.4411) to discuss your project’s creative needs